Strong partners for strong benefits

The members of the Glass Alliance are connected primarily by one thing: cutting-edge technology in glass production. This level of performance has seen all four suppliers become long-term leading suppliers in the production of glass and true experts in their fields.

You can now benefit from this knowledge and the many years of experience all from a single source.

The Glass Alliance delivers the core know-how for a glass plant and is made up of market-leading manufacturers in their relevant fields. All four brand companies are financially stable, have enjoyed long-term success on the market and supply you with the highest level of innovation, service and quality standards directly developed in-house.

Optimum complete solution
The direct communication and experience within the Glass Alliance enables the project to be viewed from different perspectives and also as a complete package. In this way, we can guarantee the optimum overall efficiency of your glass plant without any interface or compatibility problems.

The Container Glass Alliance assures you of the reliable integration of the equipment provided by all four partners. This guarantees a smooth and efficient execution.

The Glass Alliance is not involved itself in glass manufacture and is able to offer you, therefore, neutral and independent expert advice.

The strong developments and constant innovations achieved by the Glass Alliance members are the basis for the modern technology and efficiency provided.