Emhart Glass – Almost a century of experience

Emhart Glass, part of the Bucher group, is a long-established market leader in forming machines, inspection machines and parts to the glass container industry, with almost a century of experience.

Our modular glass forming machines are at the heart of any glass container production line. Way back in 1924, the Hartford Empire Company, later renamed Emhart Glass, patented its first individual section (IS) machine. This breakthrough established the standard which still exists to this day for reliable high-speed automation of glass container manufacturing. More than 80 years later, Emhart Glass is continuing its pioneering role with innovations in IS machine technology. The new and world's first servo-electric glass forming machine, the NIS machine, is again setting new standards in glass forming and process control.

Emhart Glass’ Inspection business offers the most comprehensive selection of inspection solutions on the market, carrying out a huge range of critical inspection tasks at production line speeds. The FleXinspect, introduced in 2008, is one of the best-performing inspection devices on the market.

Emhart Glass offers full support with customer service, training, production assistance and process support. Its S-Class service offers shipping of 5000 essential parts within 48 hours. 

Product range:
  • Complete end-to-end range (Container Forming and Inspection)
  • NIS Machines
  • AIS Machines
  • IS Machines
  • SIS Machines
  • Inspection systems
  • Gob forming
  • Cooling
  • Process and Control Systems
Facts and figures:
  • 875 employees
  • 13 international subsidiaries
  • Headquarters in Switzerland