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Vidroporto entrusts the supply of its process equipment to the four partners of the Glass Alliance

Press Release - Glass-Alliance, 2013-10-08

For its new container glass plant in Brazil, Vidroporto chose ZIPPE, HORN, BUCHER EMHART Glass and MSK Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH for the design, supply, erection and start-up of the whole production unit.


Although the four orders were negotiated and placed separately, the four members of the Glass Alliance are very glad to be chosen in Q2-2013 by Vidroporto for the construction of its brand new container glass plant in Porto Ferreira, Brazil. The start-up of that state-of-the-art factory is due in Q2-2014, making the logistics matter a challenge.

This project is considered as a “Glass Alliance project”, and presents another great opportunity to demonstrate the close cooperation of the four members. The combination of the four members is for the investors a great benefit in terms of technical optimization, smooth work flow and financial risks mitigation. All interfaces between each section of the hot and cold ends are managed by the four members, internally, under the transversal control of, while the overall project management remains in the hands of Vidroporto. The independent engineering company has been a recurrent partner of the four members of the Glass Alliance for the last years, participating in successful projects.

The project was officially launched in July, 2013 by Vidroporto during the kick-off meeting that gathered all players such as the key managers of Vidroporto and the project managers of Zippe, Horn, Bucher Emhart Glass, MSK Verpackungs-Systeme and

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Presentation of the Glass Alliance at GlassExpo 2013

Press Release - Glass-Alliance, 2013-09-09

The Glass Alliance develops a specific strategy for the markets of Russia and other CIS.


In June, 2013, the Glass Alliance has carried out a survey on the basis of the existing networks of its members in Russia and other CIS. It results in a specific strategy in order to identify more opportunities in the container glass market and to become a key supplier of global solutions in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In October, 2013, the Glass Alliance will participate in the conferences organized by the National United Council of Glass Industry Enterprises "StekloSouz". Mr. Martel, General Manager of the Glass Alliance, will present the community of the Glass Alliance and explain what are the expected benefits - technical and economical - for investors. That presentation will be done in English and in Russian.

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The complete glass know-how from one source

Press Release - Glass-Alliance, 2010-04-08

Due to the alliance of four leading machine suppliers for the glass industry, container glass producers can profit from a unique increase in value for their glass plants in future.


The four internationally leading companies in the container glass industry, Emhart Glass, Horn, MSK and Zippe, have formed the Glass Alliance in December 2009.

This cooperation of four independent partners serves to an additional value for container glass producers and potential customers, thanks to an enlarged offer of products and services:

The scope of offer ranges from the complete container glass production line, including batch plants, mixing and cullet processing, glass melting furnaces, glass forming and inspection, bottle conveying, palletizing and packaging, right through to the engineering and building of turnkey container glass factories and lines, including production start and training, with a unique quality of overall availability for the customer.

The longstanding know-how and experience, as well as the close cooperation of the four companies, ensure that projects are considered in theirentirety. The customer gets the complete result from one single source and without any risk of interface or compatibility problems.

A special strength of the Glass-Alliance is the internationally established high technology and innovation force of all four suppliers. Every Alliance member is also available individually with his special know-how in his relevant area.

Already within a short time a pleasing number of inquiries shows that the Glass Alliance arouses great interest.